Greek Pasta Salad

by Amanda McKillop
greek pasta salad

This pasta salad is my version of the greek pasta salad. There are so many veggies, AND there is an excellent homemade dressing to top the salad with.

For this recipe, I used a sheep milk feta. But, of course, you can use plant-based feta or classic cow milk feta too.

I also used brown rice pasta for this recipe. You can use any pasta of your choice. My suggestion is that if you are planning to eat your pasta salad throughout the week, you may have to top it with extra dressing the day of consumption (sometimes gluten-free pasta will get tougher/harder when they sit in the fridge).

My tip is to make a double batch of the salad dressing to use throughout the week (which goes well with your other salads because it is so delicious!).

You will love this greek pasta salad recipe! Feel free to sub any veggies or cheese that you’d like!

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