Mediterranean Pasta Salad

by Amanda McKillop
mediterranean pasta salad

I love making this Mediterranean pasta salad because it gives me the freedom to add whatever I like. Whenever I’m asked if I prefer cooking or baking, I always say cooking. It just seems to come more naturally to me. But, of course, that’s probably because I tend to be one of those non-measuring types who taste and add things along the way. But, for your assurance, I do measure when I’m making a recipe for the blog.

Baking requires much more precision, so I usually just defer to other blogger’s already beautiful recipes. However, I like the flexibility that cooking lends. You can add more or less of ingredients based on what you have or like.

Flexible Mediterranean Pasta Salad

That’s how I view this Mediterranean pasta salad — as flexible. While I did measure to make the recipe, you could add more cucumber, leave out the artichokes, or add fresh parsley. Any of these changes would still produce a delicious result. Hence, my preference for cooking.

I enjoy making this recipe on a Sunday and taking it for lunch during the week. It doesn’t quickly spoil if kept in the fridge. Once warmer weather comes along, it would be a great picnic addition.

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