Spicy Tuna Salad

by Phoebe Green
spicy Tuna salad

For those not fond of fresh or raw fish, this sumptuous Spicy Tuna Salad will make you change your mind.

Spicy Tuna Salad is one of the most ordered dishes in Japanese Restaurant. I am not fond of raw fish dishes like sushi. If the person I dined with informed me ahead that one of the ingredients in the salad was fresh tuna, I would have politely said NO. Unfortunately, my friend never enlightened me as she considered that I ate fresh tuna.
However, the smell of the chilli powder is so enticing that I could not defy the appeal!

When I had my first bite, that’s when I found out it has fresh tuna cubes. What the heck, the dressing was perfectly superb. I could not care if it has fresh tuna cubes in it! I finished almost the whole plate or order of it.

Try this recipe, and I can guarantee that it tastes just as delectable!
This is a great appetizer or side dish.

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