Easy Mango Chicken Salad

by Amanda McKillop
mango chicken salad

Succulent chicken and sweet, juicy mango are a match made in heaven, and you will love the exotic flavour of this delicious mango chicken salad. Mangoes are frequently used to make desserts or sweet beverages, or they can be enjoyed by themselves, but adding them to a chicken salad makes a beautiful meal for a chilled-out Friday night. You can start the weekend perfectly by making this delicious fruity chicken salad recipe.

Options for Your Mango Chicken Salad

The chicken in this recipe is steamed, but you could poach it instead if you want to. If you prefer to poach the chicken, use water (not stock, broth or wine) since you will be marinating the cooked chicken afterwards anyway, giving it all the flavour it needs. A third option would be to use leftover chicken, which is already cooked. Finally, if you want a different texture, you can shred the cooked chicken instead of dicing it.

Chicken salad recipes like this chicken and mango salad are healthy and delicious, and the marinade contains garlic, ginger and lime, which results in an exotic eastern taste. In addition, the salad has cilantro, cucumber, bell pepper, and more to make it appealing, satisfying, and truly delicious.

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