Spinach Caesar Salad With Yellowfin Tuna

by Phoebe Green
Spinach Caesar Salad With Yellowfin Tuna

A few culinary tricks can transform a familiarly fattening salad dressing into a low-fat imposter. The back of the classic Caesar dressing is anchovy, parmesan, and mayonnaise, but basic mayo (or aioli) is simply emulsification of oil and egg yolks. And then there’s the rub because there’s the fat, and fat has texture and flavour and all the things we love in a rich, creamy dip or dressing. So what good is creating a spinach caesar salad lookalike if it doesn’t taste alike?

Well, for one thing, there’s not a whole lot of sacrificing happening in this spinach caesar salad. Also, Caesar has such a distinct flavour because of the anchovies and parmesan that your palate will be inclined to suspend our disbelief.

Another classic component in a Caesar is Romaine. Yet lettuce, no matter how green it is, carries virtually zero punch when contributing any vitamins and minerals. Spinach, on the other hand, contains a fistful of nutrients.

I like to pan-sear my tuna steaks, allow them to cook through, cool, and then crumble them on the bed of baby spinach. Let me know how it goes. With a few healthful altercations, I’m confident you’ll find this spinach caesar salad to be redeeming.

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