Flavourful Curried Egg Salad

by Phoebe Green
Flavourful Curried Egg Salad

I received several loaves of bread for free one day and realized I would need to come up with some new sandwiches. I have nothing against the traditional egg salad, but it wasn’t something that I was craving or felt particularly healthy about. Then, I came across the idea of a curried egg salad with apples. The apples add a nice crispness to the creaminess of the eggs and Greek yogurt (which I substituted for the traditional mayonnaise).

This Curried Egg Salad is a great protein-packed lunch. You can wrap it in a tortilla and pack it for work or school or even wrapped in lettuce or straight from a bowl for a carb/gluten-free option!

If you get your kid to make this recipe, they will be more likely to eat it. I do most of the cutting (onions and apple) and let my son (3 years) use an egg slicer to “dice” the eggs, and then he helps measure and mix everything together.

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