American Potato Salad

by Phoebe Green
American Potato Salad

I am super picky about store-bought potato salads because they tend to be overly drenched in mayonnaise, too mushy or just completely flavourless. However, this American potato salad recipe is hands down the best mayo-based potato salad I’ve ever had and so easy to make that I’ll never buy store-bought again.

This recipe calls for the use of Yukon Gold potatoes which are my absolute favourite potato, especially for mashed potatoes. They have a rich golden colour and a delicious buttery flavour that is superior to other varieties. While you can substitute in another potato such as a Red Bliss, I highly recommend sticking with the Yukon Gold; they are a standout.

Instead of using dill pickles, I went for Kosher Dills as suggested in the recipe because I love the flavorful garlic kick they offer. You can opt to use any pickle you wish; for a sweeter flavour, try baby gherkins. Using the pickle juice in this American potato salad recipe gives the potatoes a nice tangy and lightly sweet taste instead of the harsh flavour of plain vinegar. Enjoy!

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