Thai-Inspired Pomelo Salad

by Amanda McKillop
Thai-Inspired Pomelo Salad

Thai-Inspired Pomelo Salad is a delicious break from typical salads like Cesar salad or Chef’s salad. It is light, juicy and healthy as it does not require oil in its dressing. Serve chilled from the fridge makes it a refreshing course or side dish to grilled chicken, baked fish or anything just as light.

Refreshing Thai-Inspired Pomelo Salad

What I find enjoyable about this salad is when the pomelo bits burst inside your mouth–juicy and sweet. Add to that the crunch of the lettuce and the nutty taste of the cashew. Honey gives this dressing its distinct flavour. I’ve had guests who initially found this different but were happily surprised at how good and refreshing it is. I hope you like it– enjoy!

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