Colorful Mexican Bean Salad Recipe

by Phoebe Green
Colorful Mexican Bean Salad Recipe

This Mexican Bean Salad recipe is actually inspired by one of my favourite Mexican dishes. I love Mexican dishes because they’re all so flavorful, and best of all, they’re spicy! Unfortunately, the original recipe for this dish consisted of tortilla chips, sour cream, and salsa—extra calories that are not needed for those who are counting.

This is another one of those laborious dishes, but like I always say: it’s always well worth it because of how delicious it is.

The fun thing about this dish is all the colours and flavours that go into it. Just as your taste buds are about to settle on one taste—boom! The new flavour is always a surprise.

This Mexican Bean Salad is very simple to make. The bright taste is only complimented by the bright colours. It is the ultimate summer party salad!

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